Rissa Garcia Good Room (BK) Guest Mix

Located in Greenpoint and featuring 2 rooms with full DJ setup plus stage with live backline for performances in main room, a bar area and side room. The space aims to fuse a traditional Williamsburg/Greenpoint bar scene with a nightclub vibe and talent. Run by experienced nightlife veterans from management to door, floor staff and artists both musical and visual. 

Featuring programming across the board, including house and various subgenres of electronic music, rock and special live performing arts. Two DJ booths fully equipped with Pioneer DSM 900 mixers, CDJ 2000s and Technic 1200 Turntables. Live music backline with 6 line arrays powered by Crown Macro-Tech Amps and Allen Heath 24 Channel Mixing Board. For more information on sound and complete specifications give us a shout.