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DJ Times Review: Rissa Garcia-Wanna Feel Loved EP


“A sweet three pack EP here from Garcia, a New York house mainstay. I Wanna Feel kicks a hip-swaying, tribal tinged groove -perfect for a dark dancefloor. “Tryna Prove” rides a tough rhythm until a combo of sweet key stabs and scat singing delivers a catchy melody. “Outta Love” thumps and builds with a purpose - a real call to the dancefloor - then drops intoxicating vocal samples for hand-raising effect. If you want a taste of modern deep house sounds, here’s the real thing."

-Jim Tremayne

DJ Times

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Produced & Written by: Rissa Garcia
Mixed and Edited by: Carlos Ruiz
Artwork: Sean Cormac
Mastered by: Rob Small Mastering

Jellybean Benitez Takes us back to the Funhouse!

Jellybean Benitez Takes us back to the Funhouse!

On Thursday January 26th, Jellybean Benitez joins Dancing Room Only with a special Funhouse/Paradise Garage style classic house set.

“A giant of New York City club culture during the 1980s, John “Jellybean” Benitez was born to a Puerto Rican mother in the South Bronx. Gravitating toward music at a young age, he started frequenting disco clubs in the mid ‘70s and quickly became an established DJ in the scene.

Tickets Now on Sale for Danny Krivit at Cielo

“Danny Krivit's 45-year DJ career reads like the evolution of dance music itself. He grew up in the '60s, experiencing the very earliest days of New York disco, and later gained a musical education at some of the world's most legendary nightspots. The Loft, The Gallery, The Paradise Garage—Danny was a regular at them all. Remarkably, Krivit is one of only a handful of DJs other than Larry Levan to have played at The Garage.